The Church Restoration Video

“Enthusiasm is contagious”  Padre Jose Benito

The mayor of Bujalcayado, Valentin Berocal Garcia is also the owner of a local building and decorating company.  Through his inspiration and the work of his own team, he has completed the restoration of the stone paving of the village entrance and Plaza Mayo and is leading in to its fifth year, the most important project of the village – to save and restore the church.

The first phase of this project was to build supports for the bell tower; the second to restore the tower itself; then to reinforce and repoint the stonework of the North wall; then to restore the altar roof - all of which have been completed.

In the next phase, he will complete the restoration of the vestiary. Eventually the interior of the church will be entirely cleaned of rubble and re-floored. The main entrance arch and the external entrance terrace will be restored.

In the final phase, a new church roof will be built. 

It is estimated that about €70,000 will be required to complete these projects to save the church. Of which, €30,000 has already been raised and contributed to completion of the projects so far. The funds are mostly used to purchase materials, as Valentin and other volunteers donate the labour. Regular updates on progress will also be posted here.

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